Chasing The Real Dream

As I chase my dream, I got lost deep in the forest of my heart and thought
Standing in the clearest water, it reflected a warped smile
Tears fall down
I pinch my self, don’t cry for neither of those tears will turn to silver or gold
They won’t be even notice for they are nothing but common
Instead close your eyes and listen
Clear your mind and feel your surrounding
Can you hear it?
The faint voice its calling you
In this forest where there should be nobody around
Someone is calling you
Look up towards the blue sky
You may be lost on the ground but the sky is clear
You might be lost on your way but the goal is clear

Wake up! Chase it! chase your real dream!
Surpass the greatest obstacle you’ll ever meet
Surpass the greatest thing you have done for yourself
Chase the moments
Imagine the who you will become
So burn the flame in your heart
And set it free!
Be the hero of your own
The hero that will save you from your own demise
Remember once you that dream
In that dazzling morning sun, a future where your fragment smile is no more
Where it is no longer warped but a smile of someone who made it
It is the future that you saw that day
Muster everything in yourself
Chase it!
Chase the moment!
Chase your real dreams!
Become your own hero!


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