Manga Review: Fukashigi Filia

Twisted by the definition of love their fates are deeply intertwined that even by a fabricated future, the future was re-written.

The story starts by a group of 4 high school students known as crushers Misaki or Miisha, a rich girl and also called as princess ( She loves to solve incident and crimes but haunted by one case which she knows that the culprit was never capture and the one in prison was just framed.) Rikiya, who vowed to protect Miisha (His reason – Miisha was his light when he was about to be taken over by hate when everybody was accusing his stepfather that was framed on the murder of the family of Tusuku). Yuugo, a hacker and knows her way to all computer system and best-friend of Tasuku (He was unfortunately under the ability of Isumi. He was unable to save Takusu and her sister Nao three years ago but unfortunately he killed Isumi who then turn into gift user that can alter memories.) and Tasuku who is a gift user with the ability to rewind the past of his death, who go after a traffic syndicate. (His gift however, was realized only when he gain his memories in the last part of the series. Only then he was able to grasp what happened to eight years ago where it all begun.) This four vowed to eradicate them all evil in the name of Justice.


On a particular mission, Tasuku had rescued Noah, a girl that is used by the Isumi to get all his money. Tasuku upon seeing the seal of property in her hands knows that she is the answer to all his searching of Isumi. (Isumi altered his memories. In his written memories he adopted Tasuku after his parents past away but in truth he was punish past being broken that the only thing left on his memory is never kill for it is evil. Something Isumi had planted in his brains. and shaped by constant death of Tasuku.)

Tasuku then hide Noah who is unable to talk and communicate through writing. However, Noah has different agenda and that is to kill Asuma Riri. The love interest of Tasuku since childhood. She was jealous and so she ploted her death by using Tasuku. (In truth, Noah never loss her memories but unfortunately her soul was broken to no point of return and wanted her Paradise Project to push through. A project on which his brother Tasuku and her in their world of love. Yup, his inlove with his brother. That he was able to manipulate Isumi until Yuugo interfired by saving them and  Isumi gained control of the events.) But Noah plan did not work Asuma being control by someone was saved by Tasuku. And even without Tasuku memories his affection for Asuma had never changed. And neither it fade even from long time ago. With this Noah was desperate to kill her leading to the solving of the mystery eight years ago. Where all their fate was sealed into hatred and sadness.


With a group of syndicate looking for Dia Fillia (?) which is Noah for her abilities to see the future (Not the future but a future where Noah wish it will happen.) Tasuku along with his friends pursue them while hiding information for themselves. Shidow the first one to appear whom have become key for Miisha to know the answer why gift users was created and who uncover also the mystery of why Isumi take care of Tasuku eight years ago after his parents death. But with their present that was plunged into chaos and distorted connection with each other can they face the future after this with the same love they had. or will they ever changed the fate of what happen on the night eight years ago.


Fukashigi Philia is a 16 chapter manga. An I must say, it is a must read if your into phschological action drama genre. And even the ending was amazing. But what is most nice of this manga is how the stories goes and how they have changed the bitter future that lies for them. The story has complications, you need to read it properly if you want to grasp the reason why all of them was there. The story is mainly centered to 3 characters Tusuku, Noah and Asuma. Its about manipulation and twisted meaning of love. There is nothing much to say actually but this manga is a worth one. As for the animation style it is release in 2011 so you can expect that it is really done good.

P.S my favorite in her is Asuma and Miisha tandem. This two girls who are become bestfriend in the most dangerous manner. Moreover, I like how they acknowledge themselves as rival and bestfriend.



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