Manga Review: Kimera

kimera-2279661Kimera are the demon people whom by birth are trained warriors. They are feared as they are known to have cause the Chaos War in the Empire as such it leads to the demise of the King and plunge the entire continent into chaos and war. Time had passed and Kimera was hunted down by a Military Force known as Military State Gae Bolgs whom had soldiers slaughtering for fun and pleasure.

The stoy starts where a hero of war of Gae Bolgs was sent to conquer a village whom they meet a Kimera and successfully killed it. He upon inspection found a baby girl inside. Unable to kill her, he flee the troop and disappear along with the baby. 17 years later the baby grew up in a faraway village and named Lynn. The Hero had raised him as his own daughter which she grew up surrounded with love by his father and the villagers. However, their village was unable to escape the fate of Gae Bolgs as they increase in power they continue to conquer slaughtering everyone including children in the new age of war.

Lynn’s father know this was the end so he decided to fight but before this he told her the truth of who she is. Telling her that ” Do not hate who you are. I never  regret my decision that day when I save you and ran away. You give me the light. You brought me back to be human. You found my lost human soul. And I thank you for that. This is now to repay and attain my sin for killing your mother. Do not hate win over you.” Was his parting words. Lynn able to survive saw how horrible happened to the village and heard the conversation of how his father was killed. Not only that but he saw also the dead body of his father mutilated. Unable to contain her range she slaughtered the entire troops of the invaders. Fearing her own blood she repressed this and isolate herself.

Two years had passed and she leave in the outskirts of the land with a companion of a flying squirrel. But one fateful day a shoulder named Taki managed to escaped death while facing the troops of Gae Bolgs had come to her place not knowing that danger has followed him. Lynn who find light on Taki. But as Taki was about to depart the pursuers had engaged him. Will this be enough to take the sword and fight again? Or will she loss to hatred and mercilessly killed again? But will Taki accept her as he learned the truth that she is a descendant of the blood that killed his family?



Kimera is a great manga I have read for a while. It is 12 chapters and majority 48 pages. This manga is like wonder woman for me. Why? I love how Lynn finds herself amidst the war, take her sword to fight and defend what she was unable to defend back in her village. And the acceptance of her blood. Truthfully I thought that is like the common story line to hide who is she until bam she becomes the hero then hated for who she is. But in here when Lynn saved Taki before she fight she confess Taki about the truth. And even though she hide who she is but before the attack cause harm on the village she had fight and accepted whatever the consequences of her actions. For me this manga is a story of a girl who finds acceptance and by that it becomes her strength.

This is a manga that really deserves an anime version. (No offense but animes release now a days only few had no emphasize on boob attack and had a great story line.) Although this anime was very old like early 2000 style. Even the drawing was old style but it is not horrible. (Despite that all extras and other characters look the same.) Overall it was a good one.


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