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Manga Review: Fukashigi Filia

Twisted by the definition of love their fates are deeply intertwined that even by a fabricated future, the future was re-written. The story starts by a group of 4 high school students known as crushers Misaki or Miisha, a rich girl and also called as princess ( She loves to solve incident and crimes but… Continue reading Manga Review: Fukashigi Filia

Manga Review

Manga Review: The Italian Doctor’s Mistress

Danielle Black rushes to Italy the moment she got news that her father was in coma after falling on the mountain while skiing. But unfortunately she learned this one week after the accident that Doctor Carlos Rossi (Reminds me of the wine.) had somewhat got the negative impression on her, cold-hearted and things along that… Continue reading Manga Review: The Italian Doctor’s Mistress