Manga Review: K – The First

k-the-first-5091561Power are queries. Those who can obtain this queries in which a mere mortal cannot handle are called heroes or Kings. One was with golden “prosperity”, green growth of “transformation”, red “violence”, blue “order”, the colorless king and the silver king of “immortality”. (But I’m really confuse though it said seven kings and the last king is the colorless king while the first king was silver followed by gold by if you count them there is only six.) Each of the seven kings has different ideals. But unlike the ordinary king that rule different kingdoms all kings are found in Japan under the order and influence of the golden king. One which is known to possess the most powerful queries. Ruler of them all. (His power is indeed the universe. So no wonder other kings submit unto him.)

And on the fateful night a member of Red Clan was slain by the new chosen Colorless king. Unlike any other kings the colorless king is both the weakest and the strongest. The former king is clairvoyant while the new king was possession ability. Angered by this event the Red King Suoh Mikoto (the killed one is his bestfriend so no wonder.) went on move and directly attacking the city looking for the suspect of the killer. Which was then opposed by the blue king Munukata Reishi who leads the Spectrum 4. Who keeps order in the city. 

And by chance of fate Isana Yashiro the suspected fox/slayer and colorless king was found by member of red king clan or more known as Hombra. Under his drier situation Shiro was save by Black Dog, Yatogami Kuroh. Who is the only vassal of the former colorless king. (Immortal or not Kuro has the sword that can kill any king). Acting on his previous master order he search of the new king and on decision as to whether he should be slayed or not was up to him.

kspin1It was then that Neko chan appear. The white cat who was always with Shiro from the very beginning. She found Shiro when he falls in the sky. Neko found love on Shiro’s gentleness and so she casted a spell that alternates the memories of the island academy for him to continue living on the academy.  Shiro was indeed the colorless king who killed the member of red clan but since he cannot remember they agreed to ifnd his lost memeories and judge the matter after that. So Neko erase the spell she had put but unfortunately all his memories started falling on the silvers king airship. With the three of them Shiro, Kuro and Neko being now fugitive from both red and blue kings went t investigate their own matter.

As things unfold the truth right infront of their very own eyes. The immortal king Silver was Shiro and the colorless king who possess other bodies ultimate goal is to possess the Silvers King immortal body. Colorless King then succeeded in occupying Shiro’s body which will make him invincible.  Only later t find out that the colorless king is now bound with Silver King Shiro (Silver King is the first king and equal the power of golden king.) Moreover they had the problem of the sword of the red king who in truth is dying if not stop it will end all Tokyo. Both Silver King and Colorless King in one body. The question now is he an enemy or an ally?


K- The first I already read this the last day so I forgot the names of the other characters. Rest assured I am right with the names of the main casts. But anyways, sorry if you find my summary on the story plot a little difficult its because the characters are so intertwined together with the event that to summarize it all is really hard. But nevertheless it a manga that is worth your time. It only has 16 chapters last updated in 2013 so I doubts another volume will be released. The ending is very anime like. You are left to wonder if his alive or not. Yup, like the one in Code Geass. You will wonder if Lelouch is alive or not. The same is with this manga.  Overall, it has handsome characters (ahaha.. it is a must for me), a good story and plot twist. Also I love the ending and I love the team Shiro, Kuro and Neko. 


Manga Review: Shikigami no Danshi

2.jpgNohara Mei is just your ordinary high school student who loves to play otami games until her grandmother had passed away. During the burial a scroll was past to her it was a heritage of their family that needs to be kept in order for their clan to never cease to exist. While taking a break from the burial she went to the forest and read the script which contains about how to summon a shikigami. Laughing on it she never had taken it seriously and out of curiosity she tried it and call Aizawa Kaoro. Kaoro is the class top student classmate who save her when she was about to fall on her chair while playing a game that had cause him a small wound which the later lick. (A necessity for the shikigami contract. A physical contact and to shout the name while summoning). Kaoro and Mei cat-dog relationship has now started. Mei learned that Kaoro is not a prince charming but a devil incarnate. However, since she is the master Kaoro unconsciously submit to her wishes even some of them are pervy stuff. Kaoro who can’t do anything takes revenge by teasing her with the same stuff she likes.


Although this is a secret, Shinomiya Kaazuya the president of occult club somehow learned about this and wishes that he become a shikigami, Mei refuses. Reason? Unlike Kaoro who had rotten personality  Kazuya is the complete opposite. In short Kazuya is too good to be a servant. But their tragedy did not end their because she got kidnapped by an Italian Mafia Bernardo Bevignani who learned about her ability. In dire situation both Kaoro and her (both of them got kidnapped) the later suggested to turn him to a shikigami. By the stroke of luk Bernado kissed her as a greeting and Mei taking this as an advantage she shouted his name and thus a contract of shikigami was created.

Due to this event they also learned that if Mei got hurt whoever is her shikigami will suffer the same consequences. Now their life has become more complicated as both Kaoro and Mei had to stay with the same house with Bernardo due to him being mafia. Having the same school, the trio, attracted the campus students and the people who wants to used her power has increased.


Shikigami no Danshi was last updated in 2015 and it only has 5 chapters. So I don’t know if their is still a possibility that this will be continue. It is such a fun manga. Yeah, it somehow looks like a reverse harem  (not really somehow.. you know what i mean.. I’m just thankful it is not those in the mainstream with large boobs and really showy pervy level) but because of the characters attitudes it makes it more fun (It’s like OHSHC or Maid sama vibe). Their is the cold genius who usually is not the idiot of the team. The idiot guy who falls i love but their is the secret serious side. Then the girl protagonist that is somehow airheaded and pervy. Will if I had that power of course I’ll use it. (I mean who would not want to be able to get close with your bias or crush.. haha)

Manga Review: Chronos – Deep

chronos-deep-2804403Chronos-Deep is about a boy that was saved but ended up with no memories of where a mysterious fire that cause the sudden death of his family. Nanasawa Io has then lived a life of an outcast. He is feared as animal around him (at the beginning of the story) begin popping up dead. This brings an investigation into Io by a group know as the Titans. The Titans goal is to hunt down and destroy Kagetsuki- people who have become possessed by malicious shadows. However, what the Titans soon discover about Io isn’t what they expected.

Assigned on him was Hatsuki and Koyomi both are also possessed by shadows however they managed to keep their humanity and control their shadows or so they thought. (Because later on the manga they will learned that they are chosen by some of the 13 guardians as their host). Hatsuki who was trailing Io believed that he is not possessed and did not turned into a Kagetsuki. Let’s just say because Io has no friends and family Hatsuki grow fond of Io soo much.

chronos-deep-2804443Cannot be determine whether Io is an enemy or an ally. Meg head of their team (consist of Io, Hatsuki and Koyomi later to be joined by Souo) was asked to conduct a test per order of the head of the division of Titans. So they were sent to a school were a Kagetsuki was prying and already 3 dead people is confirmed. Then they learned that Io shadow Chronos can kill a shadow without killing the host. One thing the Titan members cannot do.

Later they face Haru, a human, who has hatred towards Io. He also possess Uranus (which is the same with Chronos) and has a grudge towards humanity. Because of Haru’s appearance suddenly everything came to pieces and their fate was already connected seven years ago. That fateful day where everything starts. The day their memory was sealed to hide the truth. The day the malicious shadow starts swarming the human world.

d6e45be69724243f1054ffde58ec59a8What’s up everyone?! It’s been quite some times since I post about Manga. I’ve been reading actually manga’s past few days but I haven’t have finished it cause some really are not my genre and the story is rather boring until Chronos-Deep.

Chronos-Deep is a short supernatural manga (25 chapters only). And its been quite long since I read a short manga about supernatural adventure action similar to the likes of Fairy Tail. The story is really nice and the ending is good. But there is still a lingering feeling that it is not really the ending. Despite that it was completed 2013 I think a new volume is possible. Why? Their are 12 wardens of the gate connecting humans and shadows along with Chronos as their head their are 13 wardens overall. Only 7 of them has been showed. (Chronos, Thethys, Themis, Cean, Mnemosyne, Krei and Rhea.). Riku (younger sister of Souo who possessed Rhea) has a shadow but the name was not revealed or if it is one of the 12 wardens. I think the eight one that was revealed was the shadow of their former head director Kiriki (I forgot the name of his warden) but also one of the 12 wardens but went missing after the incident with Haru. Spoiler alert. The end shows that Meg and Haru (now on one team along with the rest) is looking for Kiriki so this is something really interesting but hanging.

But I really love is the last chapters of the manga. Where the Shadows shrunk to small sizes and how they choose their host. It’s pretty cute and heartwarming. So if you are not into shoujo like the one I have post and read before I would recommend this one. It’s short and refreshing. Also all types of characters are present. I really like the story not the characters.. hahaha.. But rest assured it is very enjoyable.


Manga Review: Naisho no Jikan

naisho-no-jikan-2898611.jpgAt school, Mahiro is the super straight-laced honor student. Who after classes straight not right home but to her secret, her part time job as a cosplayer maid on his uncle coffee shop (the one like Misa-chan on maid-sama is working). Everything seems doing well with this until a customer left a phone on the shop which she looked and accidentally bumping on her classmate Hinato. School’s second in ranking right after her.


However, since Mahiro is a complete nerdy look at school with big glasses that hides her face Hinato did not recognized her. Her persona Ma-chan, the cosplayer maid is long haired, does not wear glasses and completely 180 degrees different from Mahiro at school. She desperately run because as a scholar student she is not allowed to take part time jobs and she is afraid he might recognized. In short end of her school life. But among unfortunate events her golden bracelet a memento from his mom was lost. Later knowing at school it was on Hinata. On the other hand, Hinata, had learned that she (Mahiro) is the niece of the cafe. mahira upon confrintation s then said that the name of that girl is Rika . Hinato who is smitten on Rika’s beauty agreed that only when Rika will meet her personally he will return the bracelet.

Will she be able to peacefully live her double life after her classmate Hinata discovers her secret? But then Hinata feels weird she is torn between Rika and Mahiro? Moreover, Mahiro’s younger brother which cause jealously to Hinata complicates matter. But then when the school administration found out this secret, will Hinata be his light and shining armor?

aae4df05f7056dec9dd6679a29c6a7ebNaisho no Jikan or My Nerdy Girl is a one shot manga story. It has 5 chapters and one side story which is different from the original story. It has a cute love story progression because Hinata actually took time to realize that Mahiro and Rika is the same. Infact, he realized her feelings to Hinata first before he had know the identity. Moreover what I like most is how shy and rude boy he is when expressing his feelings. And him being jealous is so cute. As for Mahiro’s character, I know someone personally with the same characteristics that is why I like her too. She is an independent girl, despite it is not allowed to partime she did it because she is the breadwinner and eldest among siblings. She also knows how to express her true feelings. Like any teenage girl she has 101 how to avoid crush. (hahaha). Me having lots of part time really understand this feelings. I really admire students who part time but also does not neglect studies. (Just want to add this last sentence.)

So yeah, I highly recommendable for your 30 minutes break. Worth it. Fun slice of life and school romance.

Manga Review: Harem Lodge

263900d9396405018e98c40ec6bcb2beOkay stop! I know what you are thinking! Hahaha.. But seriously this is far from that. The story starts when Midorin’s father had passed away leaving her alone in the world. A letter left by his father state that he should go look for Tetsuya on this address and it turns out the address was a lodging name Harem Lodge run by a gay (not really guy it just happened sort of complicated but it shall be told also in the manga) name Cassy real name Mashino who only keeps handsome tenant.

When Midorin was inside she found bunch of weirdos name Ayumi a handsome boy who is more beautiful than a girl oldest among tenant (20) and studying in a university (he looks more of a high schooler), Oda a foreigner like Tetsuya who had golden hair and piercing blue eyes but hidden in an appearance of a Japanses gangster style (he was thinking if he looks more Japanese he can make friends so he copy that style) and eventually become the local gang leader without him realizing it. Midorin was really scared how weird Tetsuya would be but when she saw her he was actually handsome, the silent type who looks deadly and dangerous. Tetsuya on the other hand is half french who falls in love with Midorin when they are kids and promise to protect her. That is the reason why he came to Japan. When she said her reason for coming, Cassy don’t like girl tenants whoever Tetsuya boldly announced that it is her wife. (Which is kind of true because they are married when they where kids.. haha). But the real problem starts and the biggest of them all is the possibility of losing the Harem Lodge. Will they be able to save it.


Harem Lodge at first I really thought it was like an anime like harem, like seriously harem but there is actually none. The love story is only with Tetsuya and Midorin not even a third person for their love story. It’s more about how they develop. And then the story of each lodger. (All of them are actually freaking rich but struggle with that richness too). It a good romance shoujo for a short break. It has 9 chapters only and the comedy goes will with the story.

Really read it, the first date was really hilarious, remember in Ouran Host Club the first date of Tamaki and Haruhi where he is wearing a traditional clothes. Something similar happened on this two the only difference it is more disaster as their is no host club members to save Tetsuya cheesiness.

Manga Review: Nadashiko Club

nadeshiko-club-662108Dump by her boyfriend because Reo cannot do household works she made a bargain with her ex boyfriend that if she learned they will get back. So she went to the infamous Economic Prep Club to sign up only to find out four bishie or handsome boys of the club. Three of which are second years (senpais) and one first year whom being treated as slave (as a joke). Due to lack of members and brink of disbandment she was immediately accepted. She told her story and they agreed to help her.

0ee2f61f0aaff5da7051faf6f0f5435bBut due to their infamousness she agreed only for one month. And so in the evil hands of this evil bishie she began the training.  However, her ex got her doped as he had no planning on fulfilling that promise which she accidentally heard. Crush because of this she decided to not continue anymore. However, but stroke of fate Yo, the first year of Economic Club, told her she become better after her ex that there are other reasons aside from her scumbag ex.

Gain a new confidence and a new beginning. So she went back to the club and sign up again. Reo unknowingly had already captured Yo’s heart. As their love story progress the evil seniors now wanted to play the cupid. But unlike cupid’s them getting together more like cupid disaster. As this three seniors are too lazy that all work load are passed to the two of them. Seo, the club president, as well as school president, the most evil among the three seniors but love advisers of the two while playing dumb is so frustrated of the development of this couple that he initiated them to be together with his evil schemes. Involving also another evil schemer Yo’s older brother Kou who had brother complex and a crush to Reo.


Nadashiko Club at first I though it will be the same as Yamato Nadashiko Shichi Henji  turns out I’m only 10% correct. Their only similarities are the four handsome boys and one female protagonist. Like Yamato Nadasheko, Reo had only one love interest which is Yo and the seniors had also different love life (yup side stories all of them are present as well as their love interest). No over lapping and whatsoever complicated stuff.

Moreover, Reo is a character who does not dash her feelings confessing. Though she had the typical character shyness and committing mistakes then gain confidence (a typical character in all this type of manga). Her feelings was not even reveled to Yo without the bargain Seo made. And how their love story upon confession progress is both pitiful and cute as the evil seniors always gets on the way. It took me 3 days to finish this even though it is on 35 chapters. Reason? I’m not really into full high shool romance comedy that has no humor like SA (something like their is impossible things can be done type).I even had a hard time finishing Say, I love you, Bokuro ga Ita, and Kimini todoki anime likes. Hahaha.. I’m so not into cheesyness after all.

But for those who wants to fall in love all over high school again and reminiscence club activities. This is a good manga. Specially if you don’t like the exaggerated strength and super human powers.

Manga Review: Kimi wa Maru de, Ano Hana no You de

kimi-wa-maru-de-ano-hana-no-you-de-3463057“Although I’ve decided that I will not fall in love with you but once again her I am falling in love with you.” 

Love at first sight in Junior School she joined the basketball team (because he is in basketball team) to confess her feelings when time comes. But unlike any heroine Hinagata Nazuna hide her feelings to this senpai, a second year student  Ichikawa Nao. Why? Because Nao has a girlfriend Hina, the basketball manger of the team. So she buried her feelings and continue as if nothing happens at all.

However, on the first day of her high school were she planned to fall in love to someone else she unexpectedly bumped to her first love Nao the one who break her heart not knowing it though. Once again the feelings she had longed buried was open. She was falling in love all over again.

His greatest lie to Nazu.

But now is different he no longer plays and she no longer wanted to join the team until her friend forces her threatening she would be the one confessing on Nao. Undecided she went to see Nao to asked the reason why she did not join the club only to realize that he was hurting. Hurting because Hina, Nao’s ex-girl who died a year ago. He is still in love. For every time he plays he maybe happy but then at the end it hurts so bad like her death becomes all over again.

Nazu determined to help Nao, she challenging him on a basketball game if she wins he will sign in the club together with her. Can a dandelion a grow a place on his heart where a Sakura tree is already in there in full bloom.


Kimi wa Maru de, Ano Hana no You de or You, Who is Like a Flower is a short manga. It has two chapters only with a hanging ending. (The type of story you must imagine a good ending so your heart won’t be broken). Like you can really say THAT’S IT! Did she got an answer?!  Did he move on! I want answer. This type of ending. But overall it’s heart aching. (But not as hard I cried on Haru. haha). I’m pretty sure that the story in helping someone to move on many could relate. Specially if your are helping someone to move one from a love that was lost in death. Because moving on from a person’s death and a person who died is much harder than those who are still living. (Speaking from experience.) So if you want to learn from the strong Nazu I highly recommend this.