Purgatory of Cartagra

rengoku-no-karutagura-4565407Cartagra – The garden of judgment where the contractor bearers battle for the king’s ring.

A boy named Yuuki who doesn’t believe in God or the Devil. On the school he was attending a circulation of demon worshipper sacrificing someone emerges as different rituals were being conducted and animals have been sacrificed. One day, she meets this girl who apparently is a bearer. (Bearer is the term called to those people who made contracts with demons to do their bid and fight for the King’s Ring.) However, Yuuki did not believe and on the same night she saw a girl walking outside school dorms bothered by this he follows her and saw she is about to commit suicide. She actually committed suicide when she jumps the school’s roof and Yuuki was unable to save her. By twisted plotted fate the girl landed on some ritual circle of which summon Belial (if your worth enough of him and his power) offering Yuuki and tempting wish to bring his parents back from the dead. (Yuuki actually had his parents die right by his own eyes and his seeking udgment that is why he wants to be a prosecutor.) But instead of that wish he asked for the girl Amatsuki (the one who committed suicide) to be brought alive from dead. But demons cannot miracles from nothing. So in exchange of the girl life was Yuuki’s soul. And so the the fight of the Cartagra begins. Yuuki later then discovered that Belial is the one of the two highest rank demon the other one being Bael (which is not handsome as Belial and also twisted.)

But what if the truth will be revealed. That everything was only a play and a game. A bet wage by Devil and Angels of God. And what if Yuuki knews he was the reincarnation of Solomon who almost attain the King’s Ring. With the Devil betting the punishment of whatever heavens deemed fit for him and in return if he wins Lucifer will ascend into heaves. And the begin begun the moment Yuuki was born. Who will win?


Contract Bearers Story

rengoku-no-karutagura-5435293.jpgYuriya Yuuki – at young age he saw the death of is parents being murder infront of him. He was also shot but by luck the criminal ran out of ammo resulting only to his serious inury that lead to almost death. He made contract with Belial of which he was summoned by ritual and has the ability of to control the purgatory hell fire.

Sayaka Amatsuki – the girl who comited suicide and was saved by Yuuki. Apparently she is a more than meets the eye. She can hear and see the shape of a person’s heart and absorbs their pain. It was then that when she was saved by Yuuki in exchange for his soul that only her can relieve Yuuki from the pains while using Belial’s power.

Honoka Akishiro – Yuuki roomate and eventually become a bearer in contract with Bael that can control the rain and lightning. He admire Yuuki. Her wish was to see his mother and in exchange for that is the death of his grandfather whom he had thought was preventing him from seeing her mother. Only to find out that it was his grandfather who loves him deeply and was the one sending him letters under the guise of his mother name. He was kept away because his mother does not want him. That it was his grandfather that was happy that he was born while his mother actually wants for his abortion.

rengoku-no-karutagura-5434115Kirio Aoi – contract with Asaroth who can control the snakes and paralysis. His wish was to play piano and in exhcnage granted for this was the permanent loss of his bestfriend to play the piano. He appararenlty was defeated and was release from his contract. But appararently the mircale/wish that was granted will cease also to exist once the contract has been completed and broken.

Rintarou Kirishima – he was in alliance with Kirio. He made contract with Agaser who is more secializing in information. His wish was to save his sister.





The Purgatory of Cartagra opens the curtain for Takahashi Ryo’s debut work in the supernatural genre. It is also known as Rengoku No Karatugura is a short manga with only 10 episodes. (Yup, pretty short. And the first time since from the long time I have read manga and write my review.) For me, the story is interesting and very evily twisted. I actually thought at first that Yuuki might be Lucifer’s reincarnation or sort of something but turns out he was Solomon’s reincarnation. Anyway, the story is interesting and painful. It reflects our wish and what could or might happen if we made a deal with the devils. Like what Asaroth said, “Only God can make permanent miracle and demons miracle cannot be made without nothing.” Pointing out that is you want something you need to sacrifice something in return but this is not permanent. It’s actually and interesting manga

Go have a read. It won’t really cost you an hour.


Manga Review: Fukashigi Filia

Twisted by the definition of love their fates are deeply intertwined that even by a fabricated future, the future was re-written.

The story starts by a group of 4 high school students known as crushers Misaki or Miisha, a rich girl and also called as princess ( She loves to solve incident and crimes but haunted by one case which she knows that the culprit was never capture and the one in prison was just framed.) Rikiya, who vowed to protect Miisha (His reason – Miisha was his light when he was about to be taken over by hate when everybody was accusing his stepfather that was framed on the murder of the family of Tusuku). Yuugo, a hacker and knows her way to all computer system and best-friend of Tasuku (He was unfortunately under the ability of Isumi. He was unable to save Takusu and her sister Nao three years ago but unfortunately he killed Isumi who then turn into gift user that can alter memories.) and Tasuku who is a gift user with the ability to rewind the past of his death, who go after a traffic syndicate. (His gift however, was realized only when he gain his memories in the last part of the series. Only then he was able to grasp what happened to eight years ago where it all begun.) This four vowed to eradicate them all evil in the name of Justice.


On a particular mission, Tasuku had rescued Noah, a girl that is used by the Isumi to get all his money. Tasuku upon seeing the seal of property in her hands knows that she is the answer to all his searching of Isumi. (Isumi altered his memories. In his written memories he adopted Tasuku after his parents past away but in truth he was punish past being broken that the only thing left on his memory is never kill for it is evil. Something Isumi had planted in his brains. and shaped by constant death of Tasuku.)

Tasuku then hide Noah who is unable to talk and communicate through writing. However, Noah has different agenda and that is to kill Asuma Riri. The love interest of Tasuku since childhood. She was jealous and so she ploted her death by using Tasuku. (In truth, Noah never loss her memories but unfortunately her soul was broken to no point of return and wanted her Paradise Project to push through. A project on which his brother Tasuku and her in their world of love. Yup, his inlove with his brother. That he was able to manipulate Isumi until Yuugo interfired by saving them and  Isumi gained control of the events.) But Noah plan did not work Asuma being control by someone was saved by Tasuku. And even without Tasuku memories his affection for Asuma had never changed. And neither it fade even from long time ago. With this Noah was desperate to kill her leading to the solving of the mystery eight years ago. Where all their fate was sealed into hatred and sadness.


With a group of syndicate looking for Dia Fillia (?) which is Noah for her abilities to see the future (Not the future but a future where Noah wish it will happen.) Tasuku along with his friends pursue them while hiding information for themselves. Shidow the first one to appear whom have become key for Miisha to know the answer why gift users was created and who uncover also the mystery of why Isumi take care of Tasuku eight years ago after his parents death. But with their present that was plunged into chaos and distorted connection with each other can they face the future after this with the same love they had. or will they ever changed the fate of what happen on the night eight years ago.


Fukashigi Philia is a 16 chapter manga. An I must say, it is a must read if your into phschological action drama genre. And even the ending was amazing. But what is most nice of this manga is how the stories goes and how they have changed the bitter future that lies for them. The story has complications, you need to read it properly if you want to grasp the reason why all of them was there. The story is mainly centered to 3 characters Tusuku, Noah and Asuma. Its about manipulation and twisted meaning of love. There is nothing much to say actually but this manga is a worth one. As for the animation style it is release in 2011 so you can expect that it is really done good.

P.S my favorite in her is Asuma and Miisha tandem. This two girls who are become bestfriend in the most dangerous manner. Moreover, I like how they acknowledge themselves as rival and bestfriend.


Manga Review: Kimera

kimera-2279661Kimera are the demon people whom by birth are trained warriors. They are feared as they are known to have cause the Chaos War in the Empire as such it leads to the demise of the King and plunge the entire continent into chaos and war. Time had passed and Kimera was hunted down by a Military Force known as Military State Gae Bolgs whom had soldiers slaughtering for fun and pleasure.

The stoy starts where a hero of war of Gae Bolgs was sent to conquer a village whom they meet a Kimera and successfully killed it. He upon inspection found a baby girl inside. Unable to kill her, he flee the troop and disappear along with the baby. 17 years later the baby grew up in a faraway village and named Lynn. The Hero had raised him as his own daughter which she grew up surrounded with love by his father and the villagers. However, their village was unable to escape the fate of Gae Bolgs as they increase in power they continue to conquer slaughtering everyone including children in the new age of war.

Lynn’s father know this was the end so he decided to fight but before this he told her the truth of who she is. Telling her that ” Do not hate who you are. I never  regret my decision that day when I save you and ran away. You give me the light. You brought me back to be human. You found my lost human soul. And I thank you for that. This is now to repay and attain my sin for killing your mother. Do not hate win over you.” Was his parting words. Lynn able to survive saw how horrible happened to the village and heard the conversation of how his father was killed. Not only that but he saw also the dead body of his father mutilated. Unable to contain her range she slaughtered the entire troops of the invaders. Fearing her own blood she repressed this and isolate herself.

Two years had passed and she leave in the outskirts of the land with a companion of a flying squirrel. But one fateful day a shoulder named Taki managed to escaped death while facing the troops of Gae Bolgs had come to her place not knowing that danger has followed him. Lynn who find light on Taki. But as Taki was about to depart the pursuers had engaged him. Will this be enough to take the sword and fight again? Or will she loss to hatred and mercilessly killed again? But will Taki accept her as he learned the truth that she is a descendant of the blood that killed his family?



Kimera is a great manga I have read for a while. It is 12 chapters and majority 48 pages. This manga is like wonder woman for me. Why? I love how Lynn finds herself amidst the war, take her sword to fight and defend what she was unable to defend back in her village. And the acceptance of her blood. Truthfully I thought that is like the common story line to hide who is she until bam she becomes the hero then hated for who she is. But in here when Lynn saved Taki before she fight she confess Taki about the truth. And even though she hide who she is but before the attack cause harm on the village she had fight and accepted whatever the consequences of her actions. For me this manga is a story of a girl who finds acceptance and by that it becomes her strength.

This is a manga that really deserves an anime version. (No offense but animes release now a days only few had no emphasize on boob attack and had a great story line.) Although this anime was very old like early 2000 style. Even the drawing was old style but it is not horrible. (Despite that all extras and other characters look the same.) Overall it was a good one.

Manga Review: Nise no Chigiri

Mana an ordinary high school teenage girl (well this is the usual setup in any manga or anime) has a sister who is in love of Sengoku Period in Japan and she had then started dreaming of this particular era. In her dreams she sees that there was a secret meeting that was holding. One day Maai-kun, a boy from the orphanage, which Mana adored went missing. In hopes to find him she went to an old temple which Maai usually go to play or just to think. (Maai in attempt to rescue her as he saws or thought she was drowning ended up in the era. However, she ended up in the time much early to Mana and he grow up to someone she can never recognized. Only two of them know and the truth is up to him to be told.)

The gorgeous characters.

Instead of finding Maai she found a girl in the pound crying. Thinking that she was in danger Mana immedately went to save her only to find that she (goddess of the fountain) is asking her to save (more like a mission to save him means she can return to her world) Uesugi Masatori (his named was changed to Kenshin), a general of Kasugayama Castle and master of the  the Uesugi ninja clan. Later was task in protecting Mana from Yamamoto. As a gratitude of Mana saving him from a surprise attack and being a messenger from the future.

Yamamoto (a tactician from the enemy’s empire wants to meet her to kill his boredom) upon seeing her has no longer interest of killing Mana because she resembles the one she loved and lost, Kanade (whom also a sister of a member of Uesugi clan that will betray them Masatori). Unfortunately, he is persistent and many instance kidnapped Mana pushing that she is Kanade’s reincarnation and he will make her remember him even if forcing her. Akatsuki (who eventually falls for Mana) is her savior and ended up getting major injury. But the real question here is can Mana fulfill the mission she was given and prevent the death of Kenshin? And can Akatsuki upheld the ninja ways to never fall in love and he the future leader of the Uesugi ninja?

082ccebba235ba48f8192ddd3e5a2cd0 But fate has ways we really can’t understand, as Akatsuki is task to be her bodyguard (even though its a rotation of them) was starting to a love-hate relationship. Though he is just surpassing his true feelings in a really rude manner but ended up always making Mana happy. However, when Suien, Akatsuki’s bestfriend, where Mana accidentally found he was talking to another ninja has put a lapse of relationship on the two of them. Will they reconcile? And will the truth tear them a part? But what if Mana’s time is up can his feelings be confess and will Mana be able to tell her feelings as well? Or will he be selfish to not allow Mana to return to her own time?


Nise no Chigiri alternate name Marriage Vows, Second Generation Promises is a historical manga. (I seldom read this kind of genre nor watch anime. The only one I’m keeping with up is Akatsuki no Yona. There is also a similar style on transporting to the past with Inuyasha.) Mana was send to past because of the goddess of a fountain who have seen the future and wanted to change it so she send her back to a certain period. (That is the only similar thing because Kagome can go back and fourth with the two worlds also both are wearing high school uniform.) Anyway her mission in core was to know what the enemy’s plan Woodpecker is and avoid the death of General Kenshin.

It has a typical love story where the girl falls in love and at the end having a delima as to whether to return to her world or not only in here it was not the general or the prince but with a ninja. (Akastsuki was selfless and sacrifice his feelings for her.) Other members of the clan also develop a feelings for her. (The love story I already expected it’s outcome, I just want to know how she will save the general.) Overall, the characters are super duper gorgeous and somehow a familiarity in the drawing style. I just can’t put my thought as to what similarity. The girl is not my style in a historical anime/manga. (My style is like Yona who shows a great improvement in character and abilities. Mana is a soft girl.) But never the less it was a good manga. It has 19 chapters and average of 32 pages. Overall I recommend it to those who like historical and love drama with a sense of humor. But to those looking for light hearted and fun certainly this is not your genre as it is quite serious. But then just give it a try!

Manga Review: The Italian Doctor’s Mistress

Danielle Black rushes to Italy the moment she got news that her father was in coma after falling on the mountain while skiing. But unfortunately she learned this one week after the accident that Doctor Carlos Rossi (Reminds me of the wine.) had somewhat got the negative impression on her, cold-hearted and things along that line specially when she said that “He should have died.” (Danielle pertaining to his father condition.) Carlos rushed to their room and only to find out that Danielle was sleeping on the coach and keep watching him for more than days. One fateful day, Danielle saved Anita, Carlo’s daughter (Anita and Danielle already meet on the hospital.) and in return got heavy injured. Carlos then took her to his home until she recovers. Only to find herself with the offer of becoming his lover. No string attached.

Love bloom unto Danielle. For her, he was the most kindest person she ever meet and shows compassion to her. But Danielle herself who may look calm and composed on the outside but a broken heart and soul in the inside.(That is why she keep all the feelings inside her. Afraid that she will be betrayed again. Even her true feelings to Carlos for self-preservation.) Who had never been given affection by his father. Betrayed by his fiancee and friend because she is according to him a person who will not jump in front of the bus – boring. And Carlos who is still trap in the memories of his deceased wife. Is love really possible for them. Specially if their affair is to end when Danielle return to U.S.


Ikoku no Doctor or The Italian Doctor’s Mistress is a 3 chapter manga. That is why I haven’t write much of the synopsis to spoil the potential reader. Among all the manga’s I’ve read this is the most heavy and deep when it comes to love. The type you can read on stories like Sydney Sheldon deep. But most of all you can really feel the pain of the girl protagonist. All she is asking is to be loved that way she deserved to be but everything seems to be in a wrong place.

Over-all it was a good manga. Really worth a short moment. And a definite tear jerker. By the way this is an old manga. Do not expect an art illustration that is very nice. The art is similar to Yamato Nadasheko.

Manga Review: Tokage


Tokage a soul that was cast with the curse of immortality and it has been 800 years. Not among the living but neither of the dead. The story starts when Yuuka meet an accident and dies. Tokage who is immortal has the condition that he can only possess corpse to live. (In short, unlike any anime or manga with immortality who had the same body Tokage transfer from one corpse to another. He is in the form of lizard hence the title.) After Yuuka funeral Tokage awakened and Shinubo found this shock his dead sister is alive. (Shinobo is the younger sister of Yuuka. He had regrets and deeply love his older sister.) Shinobo was shock but since his spiritual powers is high he immediately sense that it was not her sister.

tokage-1077871Tokage was then confronted by Police department whose specialty is the distortion of the spiritual energy in the world. Attack and bleeding, Tokage can’t seems to fight because his spiritual power is weak and only to find out that Shinobi is his Yori. (Yori is like a human battery and Tokage needs to charge by being close.) Tokage one and only goal is to live and die. He is in search with the one who gave him the curse his sister Kazura. (Since that was 800 years ago he is looking for the reincarnation.) 

But then things had unfold only to find out that the person she was looking for is so close to him. The source of his spiritual strength Shinobi (Kazura’s reincarnation). Because they are leaving in a shrine and Shinobo’s grandfather had put a barrier (Grandfather actually knows that Shinobo is the one Tokage is looking for. He just wanted that both ends would appreciate life and live on it. Also to avoid to attract many low-life spirits that might after Shinobo’s powers.)


Unfortunately, the mountain god who torture Tokage (basically Kazura is a sacrifice for a mountain god but Kazura upon possession look for Tokage to save him. And her option is to make him immortal.) attack him again and whats worse the police department is also wanting to seal him. This was Tokage decision he lives or Shinobo lives or he will now be able to find the way to break the curse.


Tokage is a 21 chapter manga. When I read Tokage as title the first thing that comes to my mind is Tokagero, Ryu’s shaman spirit in Shaman King.(So I was having doubt to finish it because I’m thinking the main protagonist might not be handsome. Ahaha) But this Tokage is more handsome if he becomes serious and ofcourse in man’s form.(Remember he possess a girls body so.. its only few times his face was shown). Anyway, the plot is great and its nice. Though I have predicted that Shinobo might be the one he is looking for. I mean I’ve watch lots and anime and read lots of manga its easy to saw similarities. But nevertheless the chapters and fun.

I kind of like it because it reminds me how life is fun and then if you have regrets to the person who had die might as well do something to compensate that and make your life worth. Overall its worth your one hour time for a relief reading. Or while waiting for updates of your favorite mangas.

Manga Review: Hungry Joker

be0108e8003add14ce0bb7f6673edfb7The story starts when a glowing corpse that was found by the police unable to fin answer they contacted Haiji a young and brilliant scientist who lost his memory and his assistant Chitose to investigate the scene. Haiji who was fascinated by unnatural events brings the corpse to his laboratory to further investigate. The corpse however was given a life by Kild (A Mavro, who by birth were chosen or compatible with the ability of Eureka and thus they are commonly being term as god. However, their desire is to wipe humans. On this manga Mavro was the cause of great calamities recorded by history.) and attack them leading to Haiji being stab by metal and in order to fight he took a bite on the black apple and gain the ability of gravity of Apple Newton and learned the existence of Eureka. (The powers in here are based on Apple Newton, Pythagorean basically its the greatest discover made by man or something of value with human history.)

hungry-joker-3863419Haiji then who convinced and told Chitose he needed her (which is true because on the later manga Chitose will then be the a Eureka who possess the painting of Landsteiner which is the key to Haiji evolution and the final evolution of Eureka users.) a probable second magic item, the Pythagorean Hammer in the British Museum in London. On the museum they meet Alan Blackman (Eureka user of Pythagorean Hammer) and Mira (possess the ability of Pythagorean Hammer that heals injuries) both are aware of the Mavro and is actually waiting for Haiji and Chitose. Just then they are attacked by a second member of Mavro that can control electricity called Ragins. Haiji, along with Alan manages to defeat him by combining their Eureka (gravity and sound vibration). It is here that Haiji and Chitose learned about White Jokers a group of human who are users of Eureka fighting against the Mavro and joined the team. (Join basically because Haiji becomes interested on the unnatural events.)

4d24e1272589fb5f498b67ca4e038143Upon joining Haiji and Chitose was sent to France to a small village where there was a mist created by what they call the witch. On this mission, Lady of Steel – Vivianne Blanchard, with the power to change the metal body was their partner. Together with her and the grandson of the witch Nils Lees, come to the center of the maze, where they discover the woman Nil’s grandmother was killed by a third member of Mavro named Dodomekis who claims to have killed her to steal his Eureka, the Aeolus cell Heron. (Which he did not succeed and therefore trap in the labyrinth of the mist because this Eureka is passed generation to generation.) Nils decides to fight along side with Vivianne and Haiji after hearing Haiji’s words of encouragement that he did not choice wrong of him as his friend. By then Nils was able to unlock the Eureka his grandmother left before she died and because by blood this Eureka was passed by their family he is compatible and defeat Dodomekis. However Dodomekis was killed by mouch superior Mavro named Nacht, who appears on the scene through a hole created space and time with his powers. Nacht revealed he is Haiji older brother and that Haiji is hybrid coming from the blood of human and mavro. He asked him to join which Haiji flatly refused and said he will defeat them by using human evolution.

The story plot goes for looking for the remaining Erekas before the Mavro have them all it was then at this time also Chitose possess the painting of Landsteiner which is the key to evolution. (Haiji at the beginning had told Chitose that she is the key this is what he means.) The White Joker is the first phase which is basically looking for Eureka users and advance to Hungry Jokers. Hungry Joker is the phase where Haiji and Chitose had finally completed their research. This time human will fight back from the gods and hunt down the gods who plague the world. Also on the last chapter Haiji with the help of Chitose unlock the forbidden apple called Eden. The fruit ffrom the tree of knowledge.


Hungry Joker is a 24 chapters plus one bonus chapter. (You can actually read a completed plot of wikipedia for this.) It is actually a nice manga and I thought it will be an anime, too bad I read it was cancelled because something to do with the main character. (But for me this is nothing wrong with the character. Haiji lost her memories, he is a brilliant scientist so its no wonder if he is calm and collected and somehow detached.) Not sure about all the details but it was last updated in 2013 so I guess it was the end.

The first thing that comes in my mind is that Haiji loss like Hitsugaya Toshiro of Bleach only much younger and has a round shape face. But the eyes the hairstyle the stare its really similar to me. And somehow the vibe would remind me to D-gray man. (Maybe because of the evolution plot.) The story is really nice and straightforward and then their is no whining character all of them are in badass level which I like. In action supernatural I find cutesy and harem characters very annoying. Overall it is worth it. Its very educational too. Revisit your history, physics and chemistry.