Ending My 2017 Summer


“Time is almost up! School bells are ringing, calling us back. But before you fold your bikinis, tuck you surfing boards, and move on from summer. Give your self one push for the summer of 2017. Be it on your favorite beach, on the solitude of the forest or just at home having a barbecue party with the family. It’s your call. End it with a blast. No regrets.” – Aly, at somewhere Island, 5-28-17. 


Undiscovered Gem: Bawbawon Island

So I decided to post all my travels and food adventures because my personal instagram has official been deactivated for good. And share my little stories while on it. (This the beauty of blog) Include is also how to get in here as well as necessary information. Let’s go!

Undiscovered Gem: Bawbawon Island

8.jpgAccording to one locals the island officially open for public in 2013. It is both private and government property (I’m thinking that the island itself is owned by individuals as well as surrounding lands but the road access was made by the local government. An existing agreement must have been made to benefit both ends. Which is common practice). And it is not cement road so you better be prepare for bumpy ride. (Another reason for the undeveloped road its because driving a  tourist from highway to the island is a living of local drivers or the habal-habal drivers.) The island has no running water and electricity so you must bring your own necessities in there. There are locals residing on the island itself who are selling some foods and stuffs.


There are two ways to enter the island first one is by pambot or small boat you have to pay 35php. It will bring you straight to the island beach passing over the mangrove forest. The second one (which I took along with my cousin) is the footbridge. Upon reaching the entrance of the island you can walk via bamboo bridge (Kawayan bridge). The bridge connect the main island to the Bawbawon Island passing under the big mangroves and really a bridge made in the sea! Don’t worry about being lost (I got lost too.) there are locals you will meet once you reach the island and can asked direction.

4.jpgPassing over the mangroves and reaching the island you must literally enter on a semi forest. Once you passed in here you will reach the beach and locals residents. But you might also wonder that there is not tourist in there its because they are on the other side or rather the inside, in the heart of the island which is another walk. Imagine Boracay station 1, 2 and 3 concept (minus the crowds and all things in the stations but rather over grown grasses and overgrown corals) the island is somewhat that long.

5.jpgLet’s just say on station 1 is the point where you manage passed the footbridge and the semi forest you will reach the beach but only locals are in there. So another walk (Yup, another walk) but not on the beach side but on the inside of the island itself. It’s because the islands sea shore is mostly made on corals and trees are there you cannot walk. Along the shore there is also caves made of corals! (Too bad I did not have the chance to view it because the water is high and my swimming skills is to save myself and becomes only confident when someone good in swimming is with me.) 

6.jpgOnce you’ve passed the lemon grass area you will reach station 2 where mostly cottage are located and you can as well overnight stay in here. (Fun fact  bermuda grass is growing in there. Haha.. But remember no water and electricity). Then walking further you can consider is station 3 (just imagine it.. but not really boracay). Compare to area 2 there is not much of a cottage in here. The choice is up to you specially if you are looking for privacy to where you wanted to stay. (Just side note: Unlike in any beaches that you usually go in swimsuits specially for women, locals in there will look at you. Literally stare at you. That is because they are not expose to the kind of seeings. Still conservative. If you don’t want that stare better look for a private place to enjoy.)

How to get in the Island

The nearest point if you are really from far away is to first reach Ozamis City (via plane, boat, or land). Dipolog or Dapitan would be kind of far both that is why I’m recommending Ozamis. (If your have private car or a local near the area just drive straight to Plaridel, Misamis Oriental). From Ozamis (if your commuting) you to there Agora Terminal you can either choose to ride a bus or a van (I recommend the van much faster it will only be an hour travel) that will go to Calamba or Dipolog because you can just tell the driver to drop you off for Bawbawon Island. (Yup, they knew! They would really drop you off at the highway for the entrance of the island.) The fare is 100php for the  van, bus its 125php. From drop off point you can hire a habal-habal to reach the foot bridge it will cost you 25php and this would be another 3 kilometers. Once you reach the footbridge sign the attendance for visitors as will as drop off your donation (any amount). And from there you can choice as to whether to walk or to ride a boat. It’s really easy travel

So enjoy the Island! Please respect it. No throwing of garbage or anything. It’s really clean and untouched. And on the closer inspection it is not actually white sand its more of corals. My cousin and I think it was submerged before and the sea water had lower the is why an island was formed.



Manga Review: Chronos – Deep

chronos-deep-2804403Chronos-Deep is about a boy that was saved but ended up with no memories of where a mysterious fire that cause the sudden death of his family. Nanasawa Io has then lived a life of an outcast. He is feared as animal around him (at the beginning of the story) begin popping up dead. This brings an investigation into Io by a group know as the Titans. The Titans goal is to hunt down and destroy Kagetsuki- people who have become possessed by malicious shadows. However, what the Titans soon discover about Io isn’t what they expected.

Assigned on him was Hatsuki and Koyomi both are also possessed by shadows however they managed to keep their humanity and control their shadows or so they thought. (Because later on the manga they will learned that they are chosen by some of the 13 guardians as their host). Hatsuki who was trailing Io believed that he is not possessed and did not turned into a Kagetsuki. Let’s just say because Io has no friends and family Hatsuki grow fond of Io soo much.

chronos-deep-2804443Cannot be determine whether Io is an enemy or an ally. Meg head of their team (consist of Io, Hatsuki and Koyomi later to be joined by Souo) was asked to conduct a test per order of the head of the division of Titans. So they were sent to a school were a Kagetsuki was prying and already 3 dead people is confirmed. Then they learned that Io shadow Chronos can kill a shadow without killing the host. One thing the Titan members cannot do.

Later they face Haru, a human, who has hatred towards Io. He also possess Uranus (which is the same with Chronos) and has a grudge towards humanity. Because of Haru’s appearance suddenly everything came to pieces and their fate was already connected seven years ago. That fateful day where everything starts. The day their memory was sealed to hide the truth. The day the malicious shadow starts swarming the human world.

d6e45be69724243f1054ffde58ec59a8What’s up everyone?! It’s been quite some times since I post about Manga. I’ve been reading actually manga’s past few days but I haven’t have finished it cause some really are not my genre and the story is rather boring until Chronos-Deep.

Chronos-Deep is a short supernatural manga (25 chapters only). And its been quite long since I read a short manga about supernatural adventure action similar to the likes of Fairy Tail. The story is really nice and the ending is good. But there is still a lingering feeling that it is not really the ending. Despite that it was completed 2013 I think a new volume is possible. Why? Their are 12 wardens of the gate connecting humans and shadows along with Chronos as their head their are 13 wardens overall. Only 7 of them has been showed. (Chronos, Thethys, Themis, Cean, Mnemosyne, Krei and Rhea.). Riku (younger sister of Souo who possessed Rhea) has a shadow but the name was not revealed or if it is one of the 12 wardens. I think the eight one that was revealed was the shadow of their former head director Kiriki (I forgot the name of his warden) but also one of the 12 wardens but went missing after the incident with Haru. Spoiler alert. The end shows that Meg and Haru (now on one team along with the rest) is looking for Kiriki so this is something really interesting but hanging.

But I really love is the last chapters of the manga. Where the Shadows shrunk to small sizes and how they choose their host. It’s pretty cute and heartwarming. So if you are not into shoujo like the one I have post and read before I would recommend this one. It’s short and refreshing. Also all types of characters are present. I really like the story not the characters.. hahaha.. But rest assured it is very enjoyable.