In this place where I trapped myself
I want to roll in the darkness
What controls me
What lives inside of me
There are so many things inside of me
This monster I keep fighting
The memories I throw away
The love which I had deleted in me
Someone, please wake me up
Find the real me
Help the broken me
I’m trying to erase my nightmares
But I can, rather I won’t
Please find me
To be held and embrace by you
Wake me up
Filled me with you
Leave me not
And finally, kiss me




Your sigh
Now I knew
It means your hard work
I’m sorry
I thought it was nothing but lack of interest
Perhaps annoyance
But you made me realize
Someone sigh
A heavy breath
Is from all the hardship
From the pain
From losing someone
T might be anything
But please I’m begging you
Give me a sign of happiness
A contentment
So take a deep breath
Cause I’m hear
I will hold on to you
I will carry that burden with you


Right Time, Right Moment

Right Time, Right Moment 

I’m falling fast
Deeply in love
I tryna hold it back
But you keep my heart going
The moment I saw your eyes
I see my lonely soul wrap with light
I’m falling head over heels
Falling to fast deeply in this love
I know this was the right moment
You, it’s you
At the right time
And the right moment

That night
The moon shines so bright
In that old street
Like the movies of old
I saw you
I didn’t know I was holding my breath
You smiled back and the world tilted
You, it’s you
At the right time
At the right moment

Everything I dream is right here
Your the sunlight in my grey world
Your the color in this dull world
Your the air I breath
Everything that you are is all I dreaming of
I’ll give up everything for you
Falling too fast, I know
But your all I need
Because that moment
The moment I meet you
You know it was the right time
At right moment


Purgatory of Cartagra

rengoku-no-karutagura-4565407Cartagra – The garden of judgment where the contractor bearers battle for the king’s ring.

A boy named Yuuki who doesn’t believe in God or the Devil. On the school he was attending a circulation of demon worshipper sacrificing someone emerges as different rituals were being conducted and animals have been sacrificed. One day, she meets this girl who apparently is a bearer. (Bearer is the term called to those people who made contracts with demons to do their bid and fight for the King’s Ring.) However, Yuuki did not believe and on the same night she saw a girl walking outside school dorms bothered by this he follows her and saw she is about to commit suicide. She actually committed suicide when she jumps the school’s roof and Yuuki was unable to save her. By twisted plotted fate the girl landed on some ritual circle of which summon Belial (if your worth enough of him and his power) offering Yuuki and tempting wish to bring his parents back from the dead. (Yuuki actually had his parents die right by his own eyes and his seeking udgment that is why he wants to be a prosecutor.) But instead of that wish he asked for the girl Amatsuki (the one who committed suicide) to be brought alive from dead. But demons cannot miracles from nothing. So in exchange of the girl life was Yuuki’s soul. And so the the fight of the Cartagra begins. Yuuki later then discovered that Belial is the one of the two highest rank demon the other one being Bael (which is not handsome as Belial and also twisted.)

But what if the truth will be revealed. That everything was only a play and a game. A bet wage by Devil and Angels of God. And what if Yuuki knews he was the reincarnation of Solomon who almost attain the King’s Ring. With the Devil betting the punishment of whatever heavens deemed fit for him and in return if he wins Lucifer will ascend into heaves. And the begin begun the moment Yuuki was born. Who will win?


Contract Bearers Story

rengoku-no-karutagura-5435293.jpgYuriya Yuuki – at young age he saw the death of is parents being murder infront of him. He was also shot but by luck the criminal ran out of ammo resulting only to his serious inury that lead to almost death. He made contract with Belial of which he was summoned by ritual and has the ability of to control the purgatory hell fire.

Sayaka Amatsuki – the girl who comited suicide and was saved by Yuuki. Apparently she is a more than meets the eye. She can hear and see the shape of a person’s heart and absorbs their pain. It was then that when she was saved by Yuuki in exchange for his soul that only her can relieve Yuuki from the pains while using Belial’s power.

Honoka Akishiro – Yuuki roomate and eventually become a bearer in contract with Bael that can control the rain and lightning. He admire Yuuki. Her wish was to see his mother and in exchange for that is the death of his grandfather whom he had thought was preventing him from seeing her mother. Only to find out that it was his grandfather who loves him deeply and was the one sending him letters under the guise of his mother name. He was kept away because his mother does not want him. That it was his grandfather that was happy that he was born while his mother actually wants for his abortion.

rengoku-no-karutagura-5434115Kirio Aoi – contract with Asaroth who can control the snakes and paralysis. His wish was to play piano and in exhcnage granted for this was the permanent loss of his bestfriend to play the piano. He appararenlty was defeated and was release from his contract. But appararently the mircale/wish that was granted will cease also to exist once the contract has been completed and broken.

Rintarou Kirishima – he was in alliance with Kirio. He made contract with Agaser who is more secializing in information. His wish was to save his sister.





The Purgatory of Cartagra opens the curtain for Takahashi Ryo’s debut work in the supernatural genre. It is also known as Rengoku No Karatugura is a short manga with only 10 episodes. (Yup, pretty short. And the first time since from the long time I have read manga and write my review.) For me, the story is interesting and very evily twisted. I actually thought at first that Yuuki might be Lucifer’s reincarnation or sort of something but turns out he was Solomon’s reincarnation. Anyway, the story is interesting and painful. It reflects our wish and what could or might happen if we made a deal with the devils. Like what Asaroth said, “Only God can make permanent miracle and demons miracle cannot be made without nothing.” Pointing out that is you want something you need to sacrifice something in return but this is not permanent. It’s actually and interesting manga

Go have a read. It won’t really cost you an hour.

Perfect Man

Time doesn’t stop
Crime doesn’t stop
So I won’t stop till I’m sitting on top
I won’t go through the ordeal of not having you
Even if my breath ends
I will never leave your side
I want it to be you
Cause you’re the only one
I’ll have you, my perfect man
Till I drop


Your dazzling image makes me stop in place
Rooted and unmoving
From your head to toes, everything is perfect
The moment you passed me by
You light up this dull color world
Your beauty is fantastic
Your heaven sent fallin’ down
Your level is different
Even comparing you to anything might be a sin
Even by looking at your showdown
Was more than a blessing

This Love

I can’t get enough
I cant get off of your love
I can’t live without your love
I am addicted
In a blink of an eye,
I’m by your side
We kiss
I feel so high
Every time I count
The world stops
Only the pounding beat remains
One kiss from you
It runs havoc to my system
I feel like I can have the whole world
I live for this love
This love