Once in a lifetime

I pray
Help me through the day
Make myself stronger
Right now
The dreams I’ve longed for
Approaching me
I close my eyes
I hear
Someone’s prayer
Entering my heart
Warming my body
Comforting my soul
Washing away all troubles
I’ll be fine
The that will come
I believe that


Pure Eyes

My pure eyes
Are only for you
Believe me
I will always
Give you only
Th truth
So look me
In the eyes
And tell me
I lie

I Can’t Forgive Myself So Please Forgive Me

I Can’t Forgive Myself
So Please Forgive Me

I’d rather have you to be cold to me
Cold so I Can Leave You
Cold so I Can Go Without Looking Back
Cold So That Everything Cannot Go Back to the way it used to be

But even when you do, I think I could but I can’t
Baby, I’m selfish I can’t let go of you
I did you many wrong
I hurt you
I push you
I made everything cruel
I made everything fall apart
Break us into pieces
But I still can’t let go and keep you looked in this twisted love

I Can’t Forgive Myself So Please Forgive Me
So please when I plead don’t listen to me
Don’t listen to my cry
Never turn your back and give me one last glance
Don’t give me a break
Don’t give me a hope
Just be rough with me
So that I can never want you back

Don’t give me a break
Don’t give me hope, to me
Just be rough with me
So that I can never want you
Just don’t come back
Just don’t come back to me



I used to miss you
But at some point, I stopped missing you
Until I realized
I no longer felt the need of you

We got ready to say goodbye without any feelings
We only thought about our pain
But even the memories
They’re going now

I asked for things I can’t turn back
I’m the one who made everything so cruel
I admitted to that fact,
I’m sorry

But nothing will change
We said it’s over
We reach the end of the thing called love
And so we really broke up


Perfect Man

Time doesn’t stop
Crime doesn’t stop
So I won’t stop till I’m sitting on top
I won’t go through the ordeal of not having you
Even if my breath ends
I will never leave your side
I want it to be you
Cause you’re the only one
I’ll have you, my perfect man
Till I drop


Your dazzling image makes me stop in place
Rooted and unmoving
From your head to toes, everything is perfect
The moment you passed me by
You light up this dull color world
Your beauty is fantastic
Your heaven sent fallin’ down
Your level is different
Even comparing you to anything might be a sin
Even by looking at your showdown
Was more than a blessing