Once in a lifetime

I pray
Help me through the day
Make myself stronger
Right now
The dreams I’ve longed for
Approaching me
I close my eyes
I hear
Someone’s prayer
Entering my heart
Warming my body
Comforting my soul
Washing away all troubles
I’ll be fine
The that will come
I believe that



I miss the way you make me feel like it is real.
The you and I were inlove.
That happiness found in waking up in your arms.
The smile forever capture on the photos.
The long travels
The nights outs
Thank you
For the temporary happiness.

No Not A Shame

Shame on you
Shame on me
Shame on both of us
Wasting our friendship
For a game called love

Your wrong
It was not a shame
No regrets
I was in love
You were in love
It was never a game
Our love was real
It’s just
We are just prologue of each others life
Not the next chapter
Not the happy ending

No it was not a shame
We are just nit meant to be on the same book
To be each other epilogue
And the happily ever after

Only You

Here I am again
Thinking of you
Wondering why
I have everything
Yet I’m missing you
Something strange is inside me
Everytime I close my eyes
I see you
The moment where I first saw you
The smile, the warmth you are everything I am not
Am I falling in love with you?

My whisper I pray it shall reach you
My the wind carry my voice
For there is a secret I want to tell you
Even if we live in different world
You are the one I’m looking for
You who have I been dreaming off
Listen to my cry and plea
I would kneel for you
I’m falling for you
I’ll do everything for you
Everything that will make you love me too
Because the moment I have learned your name
The moment I saw you
I know this feeling is more than a simple affection
This is love
I am falling in love with you
My happiness
Only you
Only You

Even if we live in different world
I can leave it all just for you
Just to have you by my side
Only with you

Ending My 2017 Summer


“Time is almost up! School bells are ringing, calling us back. But before you fold your bikinis, tuck you surfing boards, and move on from summer. Give your self one push for the summer of 2017. Be it on your favorite beach, on the solitude of the forest or just at home having a barbecue party with the family. It’s your call. End it with a blast. No regrets.” – Aly, at somewhere Island, 5-28-17. 

Happiness Is Like Glass

Happiness is like glass. It may be all around you, yet invincible. But if you change your angle of viewing a little, then it will reflect light more beautifully than any other object around you. 

Happiness is like glass. We don’t know it was already infront of us until we bump on it and hurt ourselves. We thought it was invincible until we broke it and cut ourselves. The moment you break it its already hard to fix it back.

New Love

I want…to change things.
I want to believe that anything can be changed.
The moment I met you, a new world opened up for me.
You see, after wandering in the darkness for so long, a light brought me happiness.

It’s all thanks to you.