Took Me Long

The start of my love was fire The end was tears Like a war Memories was my weapon Strong like ocean Sharp like wind But it was all in the past Now haunting me like ghost Following me like a shadow Truth Only sadness is reality It took me long I hate my self I… Continue reading Took Me Long



Writing your name Ripping it off Crossing it of Tearing it to pieces Until no trace is left Our memories I badly want to cut if off So bad that I want to bang my head on the wall My heart is messy Like the papers where I wrote your name Crumpled, unfixible  Thanks to… Continue reading Grudge

Manga Review

Manga Review: The Italian Doctor’s Mistress

Danielle Black rushes to Italy the moment she got news that her father was in coma after falling on the mountain while skiing. But unfortunately she learned this one week after the accident that Doctor Carlos Rossi (Reminds me of the wine.) had somewhat got the negative impression on her, cold-hearted and things along that… Continue reading Manga Review: The Italian Doctor’s Mistress


Forced Love

Everyone goes around trying to find their soulmate, but no matter how hard they look, they can never find it. So instead, they force two bodies together. Everyone wants to use that short time they have together to open their hearts, even if it’s just a one night dream bought with money or perhaps lust.