No Love

By the time I realized that something was wrong
I knew I was too late
The look in your eyes
Tell me everything
Sinking like a knife in my heart
It’s bleeding and hurting
For long time ago
My heart is like yours
Lie! But rather my heart was already yours

Damn it hurts!
I’ll let you go
Without feelings to hold you back
I’ll burn your everything in me
I know it’ll be hard
But I will
I won’t find you anymore
This love was in the first place no love


I Have No Feelings For You

I told you several times
That we should have end this
This is the end
There is no more page left on the book
I had enough
I can’t these talks about emotion anymore
Can’t you feel my heart rate increasing?
No. Nothing at all.
Is she calling you right now?
I don’t care
I don’t give a damn who you meet now
Who woke up in your arms
Who you spend your night with
Indifferent, yes I am
I have no feelings for you
Look outside
The window of tomorrow is open
I am leaving everything
Us and our past
This is the last stop to our tiring journey


In front of you I’m like a clown
A clown who lost his laugh
Just standing there without a word
Don’t know whose fault it is
Your or mine
Can’t we turn it back
Back to the possibility of you and me
Yet no matter how think about it
Answer is nowhere to be found
It’s buffering
Stagnant to a frozen time
Stop to tears
Were are not in a drama
That is so typical
Stop saying sorry
Stop the I love you
Stop those cringing words
When I’m here with you
Something has already change
My heart doesn’t pound
I don’t feel anything
Even we say I love you
Let’s end this here
No more
No love