The 10,000 Roses

It was holiday last Monday so I got the privilege to spend and spare some time off (Law school and work got me chained on a fixed plan and schedules.) and went to the 10,000 Roses Cafe here in Cebu. It’s kind of far from Cebu City but the place is actually nice and small. (Though it’s hard to appreciate if there are lots of tourist and locals and its pretty small compared to what you could have expected.)





The 10,000 Roses Cafe made it’s official announcement of opening late month of 2016 or the early 2017. (Not really sure, I forgot. It’s just it was on my bucket list.) The cafe is affordable like any other cafe’s you see in the city but the main attraction was the 10,000 roses. Such a creative idea to have lights in the form of roses. It attracts both locals and tourist alike and from neighboring city. 

The location site is really well thought of. The cafe is situated at the sea side over looking the opposite site and well lighted view of Cebu City. (Yup, you can clearly identify the Crown Tower.) You can really relax and have a good talk or you just want to be left alone. 



But my advice do not go there in a holiday or any day that everybody is free. The reason, you can’t fully enjoy the scenery due to the place being overcrowded. You can stroll the area but definitely you can’t go to the center of the roses to have your picture taken. 


A private car or rented car you can just drive straight directly to Cordova. (I’m not sure to specifics of direction but you can asked the locals of the place. Just make sure you had GPS so you won’t get lost.) Anyway, my friend and ride a V-hire or van in SM City Reclamation (Not the SM seaside, the one beside Radison Blu Hotel) it cost around 50 pesos if you go straight to Cordova. However, we made a stop on Lapu-lapu to pick the our friend. So via Lapu-Lapu City its only 35.00 php. And from there we rode a jeep which is only 9.00 php. Once we reached our stop that we asked of the driver we rode a tricycle that cost as 10.00php each staright to the 10,000 Roses. We arrived there around 7pm in the evening and really lots of people are already in there. 

There is also an entrace fee of 20.00 php. I guess the government officials of the place use the toll to maintain the cleanliness and order of the area since lots of people are really coming. 


Aly’s Gallery

No Love

By the time I realized that something was wrong
I knew I was too late
The look in your eyes
Tell me everything
Sinking like a knife in my heart
It’s bleeding and hurting
For long time ago
My heart is like yours
Lie! But rather my heart was already yours

Damn it hurts!
I’ll let you go
Without feelings to hold you back
I’ll burn your everything in me
I know it’ll be hard
But I will
I won’t find you anymore
This love was in the first place no love


I Have No Feelings For You

I told you several times
That we should have end this
This is the end
There is no more page left on the book
I had enough
I can’t these talks about emotion anymore
Can’t you feel my heart rate increasing?
No. Nothing at all.
Is she calling you right now?
I don’t care
I don’t give a damn who you meet now
Who woke up in your arms
Who you spend your night with
Indifferent, yes I am
I have no feelings for you
Look outside
The window of tomorrow is open
I am leaving everything
Us and our past
This is the last stop to our tiring journey