I’m Sending You Off, You Did Well

That heavy breath
Can I possibly understand what it means
All I knew you are hurting
All I knew there is pain
All I knew, no I knew nothing
That hurt inside of you
That void inside of you
That emptiness in your heart
I want to comfort you
Even if it is only in words
Even if it meant nothing now
I want to tell you its okay

Your sigh
If only I knew what it means back then
But I was fooled by your smile
I was fooled by the happy angel
I was oblivion behind that shining star
Lies a thousand, no million hurts
I thought you are okay
Little did I knew your killing inside
I want to scream at you
But who am I kidding
I don’t know anything
How could I possibly understand

So right now
I want to send you off
You did well
You did well
You save a thousand life
You inspired millions
You put a smile on everyone who you have meet
You did good
So I’m sending you with a smile
I will not cry anymore

From others eye, it might not look okay
Like the small sigh
That can make somebody down
But I knew now
That was from a hard day
From the swirling emotions
So it’s okay
Take a deep breath
Let it out
It’s okay to be out of breath
That heavy breath
I knew now
Your sigh
Although we didn’t know it back then
It’s okay
I will hold you
You’ve worked hard
Rest now
You did well
Kim Jonghyung


Thank you, for the 10 years, the laughter, the comfort, and advice you give in the air. Not only to your fans but to everyone who listens to you. Jonghyung who have the voice of an angel, rest now. Time will heal and those you are hurt deeply will smile not might be right now but time will come. – Alex, Shawol.Light.Inspirit






Thinking and Falling

Thinking and Falling

Why are you stuck in my head? There is nothing between us. We are just friends. Nothing more, nothing else. Yeah, sure we hang out. We laugh. For pete’s sake we have the same circle of friends. We are bound to meet. But why am I feeling this way? Why am I thinking about you? Looking forward to the next time we meet? Am I falling? That’s impossible! I’m only thinking of you yet my heart is beating fast. Is it really possible to fall inlove this way? I’m doomed. 

From The Old Journal

On the page of my old journal. I wrote down how I feel about you. As I pour my feelings about you something is clearing up. No wonder why I fall. You are similar to me but also different. I have no intention of turning you to something like me to be called perfect in sync love. But I love you because you completed me. All that is on my mind is ‘if you feel the same way about me.’

Thinking keeps me insane. So I tie my hair up. Clean up my messy room room. Hoping to temporary forget all about us. All gather my shits together. But your eyes, smile and scent are all glued on my being. Our meaningless jokes, talking back and forth, our argument to what movie should we watch. Our conversations to what would be our future is repeating like a broken tape. Replying the same all over again.

I keep thinking of our last moment. There was no goodbye. I didn’t expect our ending to be like this. Not even in my wildest imagination that I shall be standing holding my favorite flower which you also love because simply they are my favorites. I’m not fine. Never will be as I lay the sunflowers on your grave.

From A Man’s Perspective

Recently, there was this book I read that said that the greatest event in life, our most important raison d’etre was to love. Cut the crap. Something like that could only have been written by a woman. For someone like me, who can’t even speak to the girl I like, love is nothing but agonizing.

This one-sided crush is going nowhere…

It’s gonna drag me straight to hell. 


Love is the prelude to disaster and tragedy
People say I’m living my life
In truth inside is dying
As our love story progress
Tragedy attacks
Disaster is thrown like endless stone
Our life was so intertwined
Joined that it cannot be separated
That lossing you to death
Kills my heart
As the end of the book approach
I want to make believe myself
That this is just the first series of the book

New Love

I want…to change things.
I want to believe that anything can be changed.
The moment I met you, a new world opened up for me.
You see, after wandering in the darkness for so long, a light brought me happiness.

It’s all thanks to you.