We were walking side by side
Just a single step away
I look at your side and saw your smile
I wish I could recall what had made us laugh at all
How I miss the magic of those ordinary days


Drunk Moments

Drunk Moments


What kind of drunk are you? Emotional. Quite. Rowdy. Sleeper. As for me its a question I really haven’t figure out the answer since I never got drunk. Don’t get me wrong I do drink but for social gatherings and socialization. Ah, yes, I’m not a drinker. I order juice when everybody hang out. Indeed, I am a baby. And I had a baby sitter who forbids me to drink.

So on the end of four year gruesome life in college I had taken the challenege upon my self. To know what kind of drinker I am. Dragging my bestfriend for this crazy idea. He baby sit me, again, and this time on my will. Drinks after drinks come. Shot after shot until I fell the world is having different angles that I can barely stand. His voice calling me asking if I’am okay.

I squeeze my eyes and drag him on the floor. Where music is a blast. People are dancing. Floor jam-packed. This baby sitter is giving me death glares. So I grab him, and kissed him. What the hell my mind is racing but then to hell with it. His hand snake on my body. I must be drunk.I’ loving the moment. Ah, that’s because I like him. But then again I must be drunk. The kind of drunk who is courageous and bold. Dangerous.