Strange Creature

Strange creature
You make my heart beat fast
Your gaze havoc my system
My stomach feels like a thousand butterflies fluttering
Your touch electrified my system
Who are you?

Strange creature
You whose name I don’t know
You whose face I cannot forget
You who painted a colorful sunrise in my dull world
Your simple presence makes me crave for more
Who are you?

Hey, strange creature
I don’t know you
But I wish to know
So with all my courage
I walk close to you
And say, hey, strange creature, I think I have a crush on you


Regret and Heartache

They say time takes away the pain
They say time will heal the wounds
They say I will find another you
That can’t be true
There was no other you
So now I am left with nothing but heartache
Why didn’t I realize?
Why did I tell lies?
I wish that I could do it again
To turn back the time
Back when you where mine
You are all mine
To turn back the time before I let you turn you back away from me
That time when I let you walk away
Until you fade away
Now I’m left with this pain
The heartache
All the regrets are coming back

Your smile
Your warmth
Your hug
Your kiss
Nothing but memories
I miss you
I love you
But all that is left is this heartache
You fulfilled my heart
You complete me
But I let you walked away
You who touch my heart
I let you fade away
Now your not here anymore
I have nothing left
But only this lingering pain
This ache
So I wish I could do it again
Turnin’ back the time
Back when you are all mine

Here I am
Foolishly standing 
Watching the light turn to darkness
Waiting for a star to fall
To wish
Dare to hope
To turn back the time
Back when you are mine
But even the myth of the falling star has become impossible
It can no longer grant my wish
Because how can a star grant my desire
Cure my heartache
When the one I’m wishing for
Has now become a star



I miss you
Red string
Firmly tied knot
It’s inseparable
The truth
It hurts
So I drown my self
To forget you
To numb my heart
To get rid of this pain
But tears kept flowing
Nothing has been erased
I was never okay
This is heartache
Damn it hurts
It’s killing

If Eternity

If eternity was declared non-existence
Would it be too lonesome?
Would it be painful to bear?
I want to believe it
But can I take the risk
The deep would of betrayal

If eternity was declared non-existence
Should I stop believing?
But I don’t wish for that kind of world
A wish-wash of a dream
A place of shattered hopes and dreams
To despair over nothing

As The Night Changes

I don’t want to talk about things that have passed
But I guess I really liked you a lot
I keep thinking of you
I keep missing you
My heart keeps bleeding
As time goes by
As the night goes deeper
Without you on my side to lean on
I break down
The season had passed
The night changes
But I feel the same
The twinkling stars
They kept reminding me of you
Of that night
I face the world without you

If You Were Me

I say to myself, this is nothing
I will forget you
I will get rid of you
Trash this feeling into oblivion
This is nothing, I say

But even if I try to forget you
I cannot get rid of your words from my head
They are ringing
Seeping into my heart and soul
Your hurtful words
Stinging me all day
Bothering me all day

How dare you!
What do you know about me?
How much do you know about me?
Do you even know something about me?
You cannot judge a book by its cover

So I dare you
If you were me
Read my mind
Then you will know I also have a hard time
You will know the pain I carry
The burden on my shoulder
Then tell me again those hurtful words

If you were me, will you act differently
If you were me, tell me if it does not hurt
If you were me, will you still say those hurtful words?
If you were me, have it changed a bit?