Perfect Man

Time doesn’t stop
Crime doesn’t stop
So I won’t stop till I’m sitting on top
I won’t go through the ordeal of not having you
Even if my breath ends
I will never leave your side
I want it to be you
Cause you’re the only one
I’ll have you, my perfect man
Till I drop



Your dazzling image makes me stop in place
Rooted and unmoving
From your head to toes, everything is perfect
The moment you passed me by
You light up this dull color world
Your beauty is fantastic
Your heaven sent fallin’ down
Your level is different
Even comparing you to anything might be a sin
Even by looking at your showdown
Was more than a blessing

This Love

I can’t get enough
I cant get off of your love
I can’t live without your love
I am addicted
In a blink of an eye,
I’m by your side
We kiss
I feel so high
Every time I count
The world stops
Only the pounding beat remains
One kiss from you
It runs havoc to my system
I feel like I can have the whole world
I live for this love
This love

Love Light

Love Light


The Red Light
The moment where time has stooped
Yet your scent
Only your scent lingers and remain
Is this a dream?
I don’t wanna wake up
Rather, I want to fall
Falling deeper
Falling more and more unto you
I’m trapped in your burning eyes

The Green Light
I have gone crazy
My heart pounds and about to burst
It races only for you
Should I rush to you?
Like shooting stars,
I pray I wanna reach for you
Like a star seeing the sun
I wanna revolve around you
Though your hot
I wanna approach you
Touch you
Feel you
Finally, hold you in my heart
Dazzle as I burn up

After Our Breakup

I had to give you freedom
I did terrible things
I said hurtful words
I know it drives you crazy
After our break up
I remember
How you held me tight
In an embrace that I struggle to be free
So tight, I even shouted at you
Back then
I want to know
What were you thinking about?